Slides for A Critical History of Financial Crises

Content and Slides:

Preface – Regulatory Capture

1. What are Bubbles and Financial Crises?

2. Key Properties of the Financial System and Financial Securities

3. Commercial Banking and Banking Crises

4. The Roaring Twenties and the US Bubble of 1929

5. The ‘Great Depression’ in the US

6. The Crisis of Confidence in Corporate America, 2001–2004

7. The Internet Bubble

8. When Banks Manipulate their Stock Prices: Israel’s Systemic Banking Crisis

9. The Tequila Crisis and its Hangover

10. Japan and the East Asian Tigers

11. The US Real Estate Bubble

12. Incentives, Regulatory Capture and Collapse

13. Shadow Banking, the Collapse of Investment Banking and the Rescue of AIG

14. New Regulations

15. Global Implications of the Credit Crisis

16. Regulatory Capture and Corruption vs. Integrity and Stability